John Cice

John was first introduced to chiropractic when he was dancing with the Queensland Ballet Company. After a dance injury, chiropractic treatment allowed him to continue his dancing career. This inspired him to go on to study chiropractic. He graduated from the Sydney College of Chiropractic in 1984 with a Diploma in Chiropractic and Diploma in Osteopathy. John has over 20 years experience in managing the clinic and in treating patients.John has a first hand experience and understanding of the rigours and injuries in dancers but is also passionate about providing relief in acute pain syndromes. Many of his patients however, after receiving regular chiropractic treatments, understand how chiropractic helps achieve and maintain the best health possible.

Angela Cice

Angela completed her Diploma in Remedial Massage in 1980. This inspired her to continue her studies to care for her patients. She completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of New South Wales and then a Masters in Chiropractic (Macquarie University).Angela continues to use her great massage skills combined with chiropractic treatment but also uses CranioSacral Therapy. CST is a gentle, non-invasive modality that seeks to find and treat restrictions throughout all the body systems including the musculoskeletal, endocrine, cardio-respiratory, gastrointestinal, lymphatic, immune and reproductive systems.

Wayne Hedley

Wayne was introduced to chiropractic at a young age after several soccer injuries left him sidelined. Chiropractic treatment allowed him to return to his sport of choice. This inspired Wayne to pursue a career into the chiropractic profession. He completed a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic at Macquarie University.Wayne incorporates a number of Chiropractic techniques including Diversified, Drop Piece, Flexion Distraction and soft tissue modalities as well as utilising ultrasound and electrophysical therapy. Wayne has a strong interest in sports injuries, the rehabilitation of muscular imbalances within the body and providing specific exercises

based on a structural and functional assessment to enable you to get the best performance possible and minimising injuries in your exercise and sport of choice.

John (Jack) Kime

Jack has been a Kellyville local since a young age. Jack is an avid sportsman and has represented NSW and Australia in ice and inline hockey. As a teenager he was first introduced to chiropractic when he injured his shoulder playing ice hockey. The great results that were achieved spurred Jack on to study at Macquarie Uni. He has maintained a strong interest in sport related injuries and this motivated him to complete his SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer course in 2014.Another special interest Jack has is with chronic respiratory problems. In his final year at Macquarie, Jack conducted a study which assessed the efficacy of chiropractic treatment and exercise on patients with chronic respiratory problems.

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